Oak Placement

Matt Wickham

Quite a few people ask me for measurements and the exact positioning of the Oak cores in the RS. Well I have drawn a few pictures out and diagrams to show people a bit more clearly so people can understand.

Left: The bottom layer of the RS. For people who don't know the RS is made of 2 layers of Block-Board which are 18 mm thick.
Middle: The top layer of the RS Body, the Oak core on the top layer is just in front of the Tremolo cavity. The knife edge and bolt retainer is attached to the Oak. The area where the oak is positioned, is highlighted in green.
Right: The bottom and top layers together so you can see where all the oak is positioned in the Red Special

Measurements for the oak:

  • Top Oak: 95 mm wide, 50 mm long, 18 mm thick.
  • Bottom Oak: 120 mm wide, 260 mm long, 18 mm deep.
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