BMG Red Special Conversion

Joe Leskovar

I received my BMG Signature about a month ago and it has seen many rehearsals and later this month will see stage duty. Mine has the stock Wilkinson Tremolo which stays in tune beautifully, but, I have other plans!

I have purchased some conversion parts from Woody at RS Conversions and am planning to replace the Wilkinson Tremolo with a more realistic knife-edge tremolo along with the following parts:

  • Original style aluminium control knobs
  • 6 White tuner buttons
  • Standard "Wilkinson" roller bridge
  • 2 CTS Pots
  • Aluminum Switch / potentiometer Plates
  • Pickguard, Truss Rod cover, PU surrounds, Trem Plate for BMG

I figure I'd go all out so I'm purchasing Adeson-Burns Tri-sonics as well.

I'm preparing the guitar before the plastics and new tremolo arrive by cutting Mahogany blocks to cap the existing tremolo routing.

I will be staining and poly coating the faces that will be exposed on the Guitar Face and Back first and then gluing into the existing tremolo rout.

Below is a slideshow of the 18-page tutorial. Click on the images to view a larger version.

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