Red Special Mark VII

This guitar was purchased some time ago from Greg (Coxy46). The guitar was a bear chassis which was given to me - I wanted it as it was left-handed as my father is left handed. He was always surprised by the range of sounds you were able to get from a Red Special type guitar and its switching combinations.

The guitar I believe is made of block board pine core, with 5mm veneers. The neck sadly was a lost cause; the fingerboard was quite thin, and also flat, so there was no margin to radius the fingerboard.

The project was put to one side for a while until luckily I found an RS type neck on eBay! I purchased this for around £70.

The project continued, various parts were brought for the guitar.

The guitar to date is now mainly complete an working, some work still needs to be carried out on the guitar, but for now its been to restored to a playable condition, and the hope is it will be at the meet up in July.


Body Block-board, oak, mahogany veneer.
Neck Mahogony
Fingerboard Rosewood fingerboard, 7.25 inch radius.
Machine heads Schaller copies with Pearloid tips
Knobs Custom-made
Bridge Mustang bridge
Tremolo N/A
Pickups Stratocaster pickups
Pick-guard 2.5mm plastic
Inlays Mother of Pearl
Pots 220K Log B
Switches Black switchcraft painted white
Frets Jumbo
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