Red Special Mark VI

Mark VI is the sister build to Mark V, this is one of two guitars made at the same time. Both guitars started in April 2007, and were made as accurate as possible. Mark VI was made for Julian Goodwin of Devon.

This Mark VI guitar was designed from scratch - a completely clean sheet of paper, new body shape, and also some new information was available to me to add in to Mark V and Mark VI. The difference between this guitar and Mark 5 is the pickups are Adeson, which are undoubtedly the best pickups available.

The parts are also different on this guitar compared to Mark 5. The parts came from FS guitar parts and Filipe. These parts were designed by me a while ago.

The guitar took just over a year to make, and is the sister of Mark 5. The lacquer was done by myself; I used Rustin's which is the same used by Brian 40 years ago.

In March 2008 the guitar was complete, and Julian personally came and picked the guitar up. He was very pleased!


Body Block-board, oak, mahogany veneer.
Neck Mahogany neck, Gibson LP truss rod
Fingerboard Ebony fingerboard, 7.25 inch radius.
Machine heads Schaller locking, Ghoto modified tips
Knobs FS guitar parts
Bridge FS guitar parts
Tremolo FS guitar parts
Pickups Adeson 7K - BM sped, bridge reverse wound.
Pick-guard 3mm perspex, 2mm surrounds
Inlays Mother of Pearl
Pots 220K Log B
Switches White, two-way, switchcraft


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