Red Special Mark V

Mrk 5 is the newest build, this is one of two guitars made at the same time. Both guitars started in April 2007, and were made as accurate as possible. Mrk 5 was made for myself, and it shows the progress which was made since Mrk 3 and 4.

This Mrk 5 guitar was designed from scratch - a completely clean sheet of paper, new body shape, and also some new information was available to me to add in to Mrk 5. The difference between this guitar and Mrk 3 is that the top oak core runs from the beginning of the tremolo cavity to under the bridge. This gives Mrk 5 more sustain, and gives more of a ring to the sound.

The parts were brought from Tim in the USA early in 2007, when I had money available. A chance also arose to use Brian May Signature pickups, as my former company had a set they weresent by Burns. I tested them, and was going to give them back only to be told to keep them, which was a stroke of luck.

The guitar took just over a year to make, and is the sister of Mrk 6. The lacquer was done by FS guitars in Portugal as I was making two guitars, and didn't have room to finish one and make another.

During this time the guitar was lost by Parcel Force for two weeks, and nearly didn't make it back, When the guitar was first sent it arrived damaged also which Filipe repaired to a fnatastic standard.

In March 2008 the guitar was complete, to date I believe this was my best effort to date. Whether I will make another remains to be seen, and depends on a few factors.

If people are interest I do make one now and again for people. The cost of building one is not cheap and is around £1,800.

This guitar featured at the July RS meet up 2009


Body Block-board, oak, mahogany veneer.
Neck Mahogany neck, Gibson LP truss rod
Fingerboard Ebony fingerboard, 7.25 inch radius.
Machine heads Schaller locking, Ghoto modified tips
Knobs Chris Mahoney RS parts
Bridge Made to my plans by Tim (Queen II)
Tremolo Made by Tim (Queen II)
Pickups Burns Brian May Signature Pickups
Pick-guard 3mm perspex, 2mm surrounds
Inlays Mother of Pearl
Pots 220K Log B
Switches White, two-way, switchcraft


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