Red Special Mark III

This replica was my third attempt, it was built along side the prototype Red Special back in 2005. This project started in December 2004 - again it was a build with a very tight budget. A lot more research had been done for this build and I hoped that it would feature all the original materials that Brian's Red Special has.

This guitar was started in December outside with very basic tools, only later would it be taken in to school to be worked upon. There I had a lot better facilities where as I had hardly any at home.

This build was a big step forward in to the unknown, as my Mrk 1 guitar was totally different to the original, so it was almost certain that there would be difficulties along the way. The guitar was finished in later 2005, I was hoping to have the guitar ready for the first Red Special meet up in January 2006. Sadly due to neck problems I decided to scrap the entire neck, leaving the body complete which was taken to the meet up in 2006.

During January and February of 2006, a new neck was built to replace the first neck. The truss rod was salvaged from the first neck and put in to the second. Around March the guitar was finally in one piece, equipped with original BM parts, the tremolo from America and the Knobs and bridge from FS guitar parts.

Was this the end of the problems? Of course not!

Further updates were made and more problems occurred, and the Mrk 3 was in pieces more than it was being played!

In August 2006, it was decided to send the neck away to be fixed up by a well know guitar Luither Mark Pressling. The neck once finished in October still had problems - the lacquer cracked and it went back to be repaired for the second time! In November the Neck was finally complete!

During the necks second visit the body went to a friend Ian Hopkinson, who I helped with his own Red Special project during 2006. Ian worked his magic on the body and found problem after problem, the Knife edge was loose, the top oak was loose, and the veneer had warped.

In June 2007 Mrk 3 was back in one piece - it had a new tremolo, a new bridge, new knobs, new pick-guard, new switches and new wiring.

As of June 2008, Mrk3 is working well nearly a year on and has not had a problem since.


Body Block-board, oak, mahogany veneer.
Neck Mahogany neck, Loop truss rod
Fingerboard Oak fingerboard, 7.25 inch radius.
Machine heads Schallerlocking tuners, modified Ghoto tips
Knobs FS guitar parts
Bridge FS guitar parts roller bridge.
Tremolo FS guitar parts knife edge tremelo.
Pickups Adeson
Pick-guard 3mm perspex, 2mm surrounds
Inlays Mother of Pearl
Pots 220K Log B
Switches Two way, double pole. Switchcraft white.
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