Red Special Mark II

This was actually technically my second RS guitar but this was built for a friend of mine, Jon Underhill. In this build, I used all of Jon's plans which he had made on CAD by tracing round various RS guitars.

It was quite a quick build as I had all the parts and wood. It took around three months. It would have taken longer but I had a deadline - RS meet up.

The guitar worked quite well at the meet up and Jon used it at a few gigs. The guitar was sold on in 2007, it is now under new ownership in the Netherlands (Knoxville).


Body Block-board, oak, mahogany veneer.
Neck Mahogany neck
Fingerboard Oak fingerboard, 7.25 inch radius.
Machine heads Schaller copies with Pearloid tips
Knobs Custom-made
Tremolo Custom-made
Pickups Burns Tris modified by Adeson
Pick-guard 3mm perspex
Inlays Mother of Pearl
Pots 220K Log B
Switches White, two-way, switchcraft
Frets Medium


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