Red Special Mark I

This is my first ever Red Special replica. I built this guitar with no clue what I was doing but that happens with most things. I dreamt about building this guitar when I was 16 and looked into the possibility of doing so, sadly it wasn't to be.

An opportunity arose when starting 6th form - a teacher took me aside and said he would help me and I could use his class room any time. With tools, wood and a little money, I started building my first guitar. I had basic info and plans from which were my only guide.

The project took a year and the result was pretty good for a first attempt - a few mistakes like bridge placement, which were sorted. Many thanks to the people that helped me - Mr Adoyi, and Richard Long for doing the frets for me.

To this day, I still play this guitar and it has evolved over the last few years with new improvements in hardware and looks. She still plays great even though it was built by a seventeen year old!


Body Walnut and ply veneers
Neck Mahogany neck
Fingerboard Rosewood fingerboard, 12 inch radius.
Machine heads Sperzal Locking tuners
Knobs KZ knobs
Bridge Schaller roller
Tremolo Greame Walker custom tremolo
Pickups Adeson BM spec
Pick-guard 2.5mm Plastic
Inlays Mother of Pearl
Pots 220K Log B
Switches White switchcraft
Frets Medium


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