A selection of the plans available on Red Special Library

Over the years we have had a large number of people join the forum, download the plans and not use the forum or read any developments or changes. Therefore, I have taken the decision to take down the plans and place them on the website for a fee, which will go towards the running costs of Red Special Library.

We are one of the only websites with a wealth of detailed drawings and plans.

The drawings are from the forum, but there are now some previously unreleased, updated and improved plans which are in a separate folder to make things clear what is new and what is not. These drawings were developed by the forum community with theories and refinement with the members. They have been well received over the years, and I hope those of you who purchase them find them useful and full of information to build your home made Red Special replica.

These drawings appear in various scales, and appear on A4 size. All scales are stated on each drawing. If printing to full size, we recommend seeking a professional printers who can scale the drawings and print them for you.

These drawings work with our laser cut templates by Guitars and Woods, and should be used to refine your build.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via our forum, or by emailing us, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Pay via Paypal below. You will receive an email from Red Special Library within 24 hours inviting you to access the drawings where you can view or download. After 14 days the link will become inactive and you will no longer have access to them.


We also have plans of individual parts and components. If you fancy the challenge building your own parts we have them here;

Plans for individual components

The most up to date plans are the template set which has some changes to the chambers, and also a close replica neck shape guide to help shape the neck to the original shape.

Plans for the neck

When you're finished building we would love to see your finished replica and maybe even have it featured on the website. Visit our homemade section for instructions on how to send your replica in and feature on our builders page.

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