This page is a dedicated page for all the Brian May fans who have built, their own guitars.To have your guitar featured on this website and have a permanent home on this page it is very simple, and easy to apply. Simply complete this form and send it to Please attach a maximum of five pictures.

In this section of the site the Red Specials are listed in the sidebar in alphabetical order of their creators. To view more information of the individual guitars, click on the builder's name or project name to view a PDF.

Olaf Anders

Olaf's first Red Special copy. Wood Mahogany Body + neck, ebony Finger board, Tremolo Jim Reed with custom arm, Bridge hand made Bridge, Tuners Ghoto tuners, Knobs Aluminium Copies, Pickups Burns Tri Sonics, Inlays MOP.

Esteban Anderson


Another excellent build by Esteban Anderson for another customer Brian Morua who plays in a Queen tribute band, Master Stroke. This build is a Mahogany construction hollowed out sound chambers, Wilkinson Roller bridge which he has modified to look like a BM roller and knife edge tremolo.


Another master piece for another customer Marcelo Coledani from Argentina! This replica goes back to the original replicas routes, using original materials and original construction techniques. This replica features the 6x Switchcraft switches, and the very rare now Adeson "Super Spec" pickups. Esteban has also gone to the trouble of custom machining an original style tremolo and bridge.


Esteban Anderson's latest replica for another customer Diego Angerossa. This replica once again features original style materials and construction. The pickups are the rare Adeson pickups sadly no-longer available. The bridge is again of Esteban's work a modified Wilkinson roller bridge, which he calls a Hybrid. It has modified ends, and also radius. The guitar has a custom knife edge based on the original design.


Replica built in 2015 for Leandro Miano. This replica features Esteban's excellent craftsmanship, from the wood work, to the parts, to the beautiful finish and colour. This replica features some great stats, original style construction, offset with original tremolo, and also Esteban's Wilkinson hybrid roller bridge.


This replica from Esteban in his own words has been described as his best yet... and few would disagree.. This replica was built for Danny Rodd, featuring the original style build materials of the body, Block-board, Oak core and fingerboard, with Mahogany veneer. The guitar features all the correct hardware to make it the best Esteban has ever built, Cybershop bridge, Guitars and Woods tremolo, and Pot extension kit, with the superb Adeson Guyton spec pickups.


A special customer request, slightly different to a normal build this one is based on a replica of a Guild, same bridge, same construction, and this time in Green which is the reason for the G in the serial number.

0007A (2011)

Another custom build for a customer,Daniel Marcos from Argentina, guitarist of the Queen Tribute Band Queendom

0008A (2011)

This RS built by Esteban has an Oak and block-board construction for the body with mahogany veneer. The neck is screwed to the body like the original, oak fingerboard.

0006B (2011)

A custom build for Federico Galdamez from Argentina. Mahogany construction or the body with Mahogany veneer to cover the chambers. Another amazing replica, and the first of 2011.

0005A (2010)

A custom build for a customer, Cesar Barabino from Buenos Aires, Argentina, who plays in "Geishas In Vitro" and for the Queen tribute band 'Reina Madre".

0004B (2010)

Made from mahogany with oak fingerboard, featuring a custom knife edge tremolo and a modified Wilkinson Roller bridge.

0002B (2010)

A build for a customer. Body is mahogany, oak fingerboard, and a mahogany neck. Using a knife edge tremolo, and a Wilkinson roller bridge.

0003B (2009)

Based on the prototype guitar, this is yet again a build for a customer, and has the serial number 0003B. Body is mahogany, Oak fingerboard, and a mahogany neck. Using a knife edge tremolo, and a Wilkinson roller bridge.

0001A (2008)

Esteban has finished an RS replica for Daniel Gomez (MOMO). He put a serial number to the guitar 0001A, so this is the first production guitar from Andermay Guitars.

Prototype (2008)

This another guitar was made before 0001A guitar, was made for Ricardo Munoz from Chile. The guitar was started by a luthier who started to build the neck and cut a piece of African mahogany for the body. This is how it stood for 3 years. Esteban Finished the guitar in 2008.

Mark II (2007)

Oak, block-board, mahogany, Oak fingerboard construction, Early KA Tri-sonics modified by Adeson (7k), Schaller locking tuners with Gotoh perloid tips.

Mark I (2000)

Oak and mahogany construction, Original 60's Tri-Sonic pickups, Schaller locking tuners with Gotoh perloid tips.

Juan Ahcin

This is Ahcin's first first RS build. He based the construction on the 2014 plans from RS Library and other useful info from the RS-Library forum. The block-board is from a couple of shelves, the oak core came from a step from an old staircase.

Iain Angell

Mark II (2007)

Adeson pickups with the bridge RW. Block-board body with oak insert, Brazilian mahogany veneer, Brazilian mahogany neck with oak fingerboard. It has Grover tuners and the bridge, knobs and tremolo are courtesy of Esteban.

Mark 1 (2003)

Block-board, oak and mahogany construction, KA Burns Tri-Sonic pickups. "Andermay" bridge, trem and knobs.

Marcelo Avalos

2008 Red Special

This is Marcelo's Red special copy built in 2008 between June and November, made by Luthier Marcelo Grossi. Marcelo helped Luthier with bits of information, together they made a wonderful replica of the original Red Special.

Ukulele banjo

This ukulele banjo is Marcelo's first attempt at solo instrument building. He was inspired by the fact it was the first instrument Brian May learned to play and also by the story behind his Red Special.

Ron Bacon

Plywood body (two pieces, chambered), two piece oak centre, Mahogany neck, mahogany veneer (from Rockler), single coil strat style pickups, gotoh tuners, roller bridge, and switches (painted white) all from Stewart MacDonald. Homemade tremolo.

Greg Bailey

This is Greg Bailey's homemade 'not so' Red Special; in fact this is made of aluminium, so something quite different to the norm! Why aluminium? Greg has been building aluminium guitars for 18 years.

Corrado Carpinteri

This RS was built during 2008, Block-board body with oak core, and Mahogany Veneer. Quarter sawn Mahogany neck, Oak fingerboard painted black. It has all the original hard-wear and electronics.

Richard Cockburn

2017 Replica

This homemade replica was built in 2017 close to original specification using RS-Library drawings, homemade tremolo system, Ceser bridge, and homemade plastics. Since Richard purchased the guitar he has made some changes himself, adding one of our Star decals, and changing the tremolo arm.

2000 Replica

New owner. Andermay replica knobs, built of block board with an oak core as per original. Tri-Sonic pickups sky modified by kent arm strong.

Christian Atalaya Cordova

Constructed by Christian, started in March 2011, and completed in February 2012, the guitar is based around the Burns copy, which was produced around 2001. Christian, to ensure the guitar turned out just how he wanted even took classes to become a Luiteria, amazing commitment, and some great parts to make the guitar ensured he was on to a great build.

Greg Covington

Quarter sawn mahogany neck, Rustin's coated ebony fret board. Body is 2 piece Birchwood plywood with an oak insert with proper sound chambers. Mahogany veneer stained with a mix of red RIT dye and orange water based wood dye, modified Jim Reed tremolo, 60's vintage Burns Tri-sonics rewound to Brian May specs.

Fabian Damiani

This is Fabio's first replica of the Red Special. The guitar was made in the traditional way using Block-board with hollowed out chambers and Oak inserts to give the body strength. The hardware on Fabio's build is as follows; a Homemade knife edge tremolo unit, a Wilkinson roller bridge, Adeson pickups, and a homemade Perspex pickgaurd.

Peter Falahee

One of the earlier homemade guitars on this site, built in 1998, using a bridge and tuners from a Godin SLX, Pickups from USA Strat. Wood was from an old front foor.

Marco Ferrari

Marco Ferrari's homemade Red Special guitar; built April 2016 completed August 2016. One of the first guitars to feature some of Guitars and Woods and RS-Library's parts.

Laurens Gardeniers

Wood : Solid Oak Body, Mahogany veneered, Mahogany neck, Ebony fingerboard, Tremolo Custom Made Knife Edge (Sei Guitars), Bridge Custom Made Micro Roller Bridge (Sei Guitars), Tuners Schaller tuners, Ghoto perloid tips.

Julian Hemingway

Julian's Green RS prototype guitar is based on Brian's first design of the Red special. Hand made pickups, hand made bridge and tremolo. Same woods used in this guitar as per original, block board body, mahogany veneer, and a glued in Mahogany neck.

Ian Hopkinson

Made By Ian in his spare time during 2006. Original construction, Block-board and oak, Gotoh tuners, Knife edge tremolo, and Roller bridge from Jon Underhill.

Sherman Horsley

This RS copy made in 2004 by Sherman is loosely based on the 84 Guild guitar, which Brian used as a back up guitar in the 80s. Six Months of research and design, and Sherman came up with a great copy.

Dennis Kapustin

This is the first Red Special built by Dennis Kapustin from the Ukraine. The build time of this guitar is pretty short March 09 - November 09 but I'm sure you will agree, for a first time it has come out really well.

Ewout Ketelaar

Netherlands-born Ketelaar built his first Red Special with help from his woodworker father and metalworker uncle.

Dale Krites

These 2 RS guitars are made by Dale in the USA. Built Red Special Tremolo units with Schaller roller bridges, Tuners are Sperzel rear Locking, Burns Tri-sonic pickups.

Paul Langwade

Paul made 2 RS's. Both had Mahogany bodies and ebony fret boards. All parts were hand made by Paul. Guitars have Burns Tri-sonics, White switches, Mother of pearl inlays.

Per Laursen

Homemade Red Special finished 2014. Started in 2011 and took 27 months. First attempt in guitar-building.

Brice Lalevee

Anatoliy Levada

Built by Anatoliy between 2003 and 2004 in the Ukraine, using slightly different woods to the original, but still looks great. Anatoliy went to the effort of making his own Tremolo and Bridge. Anatoliy is also also making another RS.

Doron Markowitz


Doron recently built another Red Special, this one being number 6. This particular one is very special to Doron for a number of reasons. One is that his goal was to finish it this month, by the 28th, because that was Doron's father's birthday, and so he dedicated this guitar to him.


A stunning and unique build by Doron and using 47 different types of wood to build his creation. This is one of a kind, and deserves a lot of credit, Take a look you wont be disappointed!

Tetsuo Matsumula

This RS was finished just a few days ago, started in April 2007 and finished 10 Jan 2009. It took Tetsuo a while but he managed a brilliant result! Similar to the original construction with Ebony finger board. Using a knife edge tremolo and modified Wilkinson roller bridge.

Salvo Minella

Semi hallowed Fir, Fir for the neck shaped by hand, Beech Fingerboard. Jim Reed knife edge tremolo, Schaller STM bridge, Sperzel Locking Tuners, 2 Burns TriSonic pickups.

Chris Norman

Chris had specially built for me by world renowned luthier Hugh Manson, Body: Mahogany with hollow chambers, Neck: Mahogany, Fret board: Ebony with mother of pearl inlays, Pick ups: Original Burns Tri-Sonics dating back to the 1960s.

Ignacio J. Nunez

Ignacio RS was started in August 2007, and completed in November 2008. Body and neck are made from Mahogany with an ebony fingerboard. Using Adeson pickups and Schaller roller bridge and Tail piece.

Chris O'Rourke

Started in July, Chris used plans from this website to build his first Red / Green special. Chris's guitar is made from Mahogany, for the body and neck, and Indian rosewood for the fingerboard, Kz tremolo, Tune-o-matic roller bridge, and control knobs from RS parts.

Marc Preddice

Great effort went in to building this guitar, Templates were purchased from eBay to make this guitar, homemade block board was one of the many challenges, the guitar also has Adeson pickups, Trem, Bridge and knobs by Chris Mahoney.

Reza Pratama

This effort from Indonesia is the embodiment of Reza's love for the Red Special since junior high school.

Giuseppe Praino

This replica from Italy was 24 years in the making and became a reality thanks to plans provided by the Red Special Library.

Margot, Pierre et Thibaut

A fantastic joint effort between a father and son, boasting G&W wood kits

Nigel Reilly

This guitar is truly original. Built with household spares and junk just like Brian. Pickups re-wound by Wizard pickups Tri Sonic cases, Bakelite string guide, Mahogany neck, ( Newall post ), Oak fretboard ( window architrave ), centre oak (piece of table ), Block-board body ( cubby hole flooring ), White binding ( Curtain rail ), Tremolo block (piece of girder ).

Mark Reynolds

Brian has seen and played Mark's guitar, Body is oak and block-board which was veneered with mahogany. Neck is mahogany and the fingerboard is oak. Mark made the bridge, knobs and tremolo system himself. It was lacquered in a two pack acrylic car lacquer. It has the hollow cavities. The guitar used to have Burns Tri Sonics, But Mark has changed them to Adeson.

Sami-Petri Salonen

A dream 17 years ago turned in to a reality, when Sami built his RS copy in 2003. Centre block is Oak, neck and top/bottom veneer's are cedar. fingerboard is made of black ebony. roller bridge and knife-edge tremolo.

Barry Savage

Made by Nigel Reilly, Block board and oak construction, Bridge Red Special, Tremolo handmade, Schaller locking, with modified Ghoto tips, Burns Tri Sonics modified by Adeson.

Norm Smith

This RS is based and looks very similar to the New BMG model. It has a Wilkinson Tremolo, Wilkinson Locking tuners, Adeson Pickups, and a Homemade locking nut. This RS has a similar construction to the original, apart from the finger-board which is Brazilian Mahogany.

Filipe Sousa

Mark VI (2010) (2011)

Filipe Sousa's Rs, this latest creation was built for a customer. The Guitar is made from original style materials, Block-board body, Oak centres, with mahogany veneer, and quarter sawn mahogany neck.

Mark V (2009)

Filipe's Mrk 5 RS guitar built for a customer, features original construction methods and original hardware, knife edge trem, and roller bridge.

Mark IV (2008)

Oak, block-board and mahogany construction, custom made bridge, knobs and trem. Adeson pickups and Schaller locking tuners with white tips.

Mark III (2007)

John Birch Replica, Body + Neck made from Maple, Ebony fingerboard with mother-of-pearl inlays and side binding, Schaller tuners, Wilkinson Roller Bridge (Modded to 7.25" radius), FS Guitar Parts Original Style Tremolo (For Solid Body Guitar).

Mark II (2006)

White Oak, block-board and mahogany construction, custom made bridge, knobs and trem. Adeson pickups (BM spec) and Schaller locking tuners with white tips.

Mark I (2005>

Oak, block-board and mahogany construction, custom made bridge, knobs and trem. Adeson pickups and Gotoh locking tuners with white tips.

Kevin Tildesley

Built to Francesco Distefano's plans, and Red special Parts Tremolo, bridge and and control knobs, Kevan's built the body from Solid Mahogany, with mahogany neck, and ebony fingerboard.

Mirko Torti

First home made guitar, using the correct woods, with some small detail to the inlays, and also using a tail piece from a telecaster.

Andrew Ward

This latest replica built by Andrew Ward from Waxhaw, North Carolina, USA, is slightly different to the original but still is a fantastic build.

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