We Will Rock You

Dominion Theatre, Tottenham Court Road, London - 14th May 2012

The Theatre was packed, arriving at around 6:40pm, paying public were entering the theatre through the doors nearest the Tube station due to a red Carpet with press and media on the other side, as most will know from reading, there were quite a few celebrities at the show, Robert De Niro one of the producers of the show, Sam Fox, David Baddiel, Antony Costa, Chris Tarrant, Pat Cash, TOWIE's Cara Kilbey and Billi Mucklow, Arlene Phillips, Martin Kemp, Warwick Davis, Aldo Zilli, Russell Kane, Chas Hodges, Coleen Nolan, Suzanne Shaw, Bill Oddie, Warwick Davis + Family, and Nick Mason to name a few!

Of course it wouldn't be the same without Brian May, Roger Taylor and Ben Elton who where also to be appart of the show a little later on.

As you would expect it was a sell out night, also have to mention most of the Original cast were also in attendance during the night sitting in the stalls. The show itself wasn't much different to normal, a few new jokes had been added since I last attended, The show was due to start at 7pm but started later anyway...

First part of the show went well and seemed to go down well with the audience, a lot had been made in the press about the optical illusion which was to happen in the show where Freddie Mercury would appear on stage. This seemed especially special due to Freddie's family watching the show as well.

Sadly during the show no-one saw the illusion, I was then told it was going to happen right at the end possibly during the end of the show, when Brian and Roger were due to come on stage. As you would expect, Bohemian Rhapsody played out and Brian May appeared through the stage in a cloud of smoke and the audience stood, it was enough to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up!

After this it was apparent that the optical illusion was not going to happen, due to some technical difficulties... but was this going to be the only issue on the night? After finishing Rhapsody, Brian took centre stage to thank everyone who had been involved in running the show, staff, and cast. After he introduced Ben Elton, the writer of WWRY, who then brought on to the stage, Robert De Niro, Jim Beach, Phil McIntyre, Paul Roberts.

After a little more of Ben's speech, he then called for one more song; The Show Must Go On. Brian then retook to the stage, before getting in to full swing of the song, Brian Paused and looked towards the back of the stage.... what was he waiting for? Well that would come apparent later.... as we later found another Technical issue robbed the audience of Roger Taylor joining the fun up until the last minute when the stage change decided to work and rise Roger on the Underground set. A great moment even though a little delayed.

A good evening as ever and I recommend a visit to WWRY London.

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