Storm Troopers in Stilettos

Truman Brewery, London - 7th March 2011

On the 7th March 2011 I decided to visit the Queen Exhibition Storm Troopers In Stilettos, it has been well documented and advertised and I was looking forward to seeing what the exhibition was like as I had heard from friends that it was a very interesting exhibition and was well worth a visit.

The Exhibition focuses on the early years of Queen, from Smile, the band before Queen, and then focusing on the first 5 albums the band produced. Also in the exhibition is a collection of things from the individuals of the bands past, Freddie's art work and clothing designs, from Brian's front room with an in build Red Special next to the chair.

The exhibition has various pieces of memorabilia, record, posters, to the bands stage outfits. There is even a mock of the Bands studio with John Deacon's Bass, Roger Taylors actual Drum kit, and a Guild RS replica.

The exhibition is on at the Truman Brewery in the east of London, and occupies a warehouse space which provides the visitor with a 360 exhibition to walk around. The exhibition opened on the February 25th and ran until 12th March 2011, Entrance is Free.

For those who can not attend the exhibition due to distance, or being outside the UK, I thought a small write up and sharing of some photos of the exhibition would help share some of the experience, as it was full of information and a beautiful collection of all things Queen.

The exhibition runs until the Saturday, 12th March, 2011.

More information on the exhibition regarding its location can be found at

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