Red Special Meet Up

Butler's Cross Village Hall, Aylesbury, Bucks - 12th July 2008

This was the second ever Red Special guitar meet up, this time it was a bit further south in the county of Buckinghamshire. The second meet up has been a long time coming, 3 years in fact since the last, the reason why its been so long is unknown!

In May 2008, I decided to end this 3 year drought of RS meet ups and organise one for all 3 forums to get together, chat, exchange ideas and information and have a great day in the process. The event took place at Butlers Cross Village hall, around 35 people attended on the day at its peak.

A wide range of RS's came from a Guyton, down to a Burns. Many homemade guitars were there also as well as modified guitars, for me one of the best modifications was Peter Mason's Burns Conversion, absolutely stunning work, as was everyone's home-made, and modifications.

A-Strings was also there showing off and demoing the Fryer Deacy amp which was very impressive!

There was also 2 raffles during the day, one raffle was to win a set of Adeson - Tri-sonics, and the other was to win Treble boosters, Strings (new and broken) and even a card cut out of the man himself. The second raffle's proceeds when to Brian's favourite charity, 46664. We raised £182.

We even had something very special turn up, thanks to Andrew Morgan for organising the special item for the day, the 1982 Pedal board and some of Brian's rig from that era! AMAZING!

Special thanks to Brian May, Pete Malandrone as well for letting us borrow it for the afternoon. A big thanks to Mark Reynolds for Running the raffle and all who contributed. A big Thanks also to Mike Ryde who took care of the tests, and demo's which happened throughout the day!

And thanks to all who came, especially from great distances! Here's to next year!

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